Taula parada


We put the gastronomic signature and the flavor of your events. A coffee break? A cocktail? A business lunch? A wedding? A meeting between friends? A special celebration?

We like to get out of our kitchen and transfer the culinary experience of the restaurant to events that can adopt multiple formats.

In our gastronomic proposals we add hundreds of details, a careful presentation, impeccable service and, of course, the personality of the client.Exquisiteness, sobriety or sophistication are combined with our philosophy, based on Mallorcan cuisine, local and local products.

We are the gastronomic partner that makes a business and institutional event leave a mark and become something unique and that is remembered: product presentations, celebrations, snacks, meals and work meetings, birthdays, cultural and sports events?

In addition to the classic catering services, we love to move the kitchen in the client’s house and cook for you and your guests: tapas, buffet or tasting menu. On land we love cooking at home and even on holiday villas. And at sea, because we also offer our services in boats and marinas. Discover how the experience of Juan Marcos restaurant is on board.