Pa de Xeixa


The organic Xeixa wheat flour that we collect from Ruberts (the equivalent to “Candeal” wheat from the Peninsula) is an ancient type of grain indigenous to Majorca that has been recently recuperated. The fact of being an ancient type of grain and that it was not genetically modified means that, due to its low level of starch, it is more digestible.

Our bread, made from organic Xeixa wheat, is a humble bread that will suit all the “tast” (tasting) and that represents our objective of creating our house seal. Thanks to our experience, we manage to produce a large Majorcan bread with a crisp and long-lasting crust. Once baked, its aromas are of cereals and dried fruits (particularly almonds).

We use two types of organic flours in equal parts, stone grinded white Xeixa flour and whole Xeixa flour and a combination of “biga” and “poolish”, consisting in a sourdough or pre-ferment, that we leave to ferment for 24 hours to allow for a better development of aromas.